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pommypoisonoverload: The game says the Red Witch is a "Guest from Death Village". Is that another game, some sort of story, or...?


Death Village is a cancelled game about the Red Witch’s past; despite her appearing in many of tachi’s games, it’s her earliest appearance chronologically. Candy Lix was going to be a supporting character in that game, so she’s also considered a cameo from there.

The Red Witch’s timeline goes like this: She burns down her home village and becomes legendary for this. Later, the Reaper Keros comes along and revives the people there as zombies, so she has to kill them all… again. H&D and some tweets tachi made imply that Candy Lix betrays Red Witch along the way and tries to hook up with Keros in the end.

About a century later, in HeadLess (a completed game, but not one I bothered to translate), Keros gives Erina “Reaper Eyes” and she kills several people. The Red Witch is watching all this, stops him, and manages to revive everybody, but at the very end there’s a scene of her kinda-sorta flirting with Keros??

Shortly afterward, she decides to help Boy in Moonlight Ghost, calling herself just “Witch” for a chance of pace. Then once the Horror Shop is running smoothly, she gets summoned in Hero & Daughter. Talk about a busy schedule.




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