Zero Corpse

This is my nightmare.


a portrait of Garry again. dear lord, there’s something with me and Garry portraits.



Hello! I just love your blog! Then I want to share with you a video that I made about Mad Father! It’s a cover version of Old Puppet/Old Doll, from Ib and Mad Father. I also kinda cosplayed Aya in my video! <3 So I really hope you like it! And, If you want to, share it on your blog! I would be really happy! And sorry forbeing such an annoying person asking you this, but I don’t know much people who likes RPGMaker horror games, so.. Thank you very much! <3

Ahhhh~ That’s a really awesome cosplay and you have an amazing voice!

Don’t worry dear you’re not being annoying! Not in the least!


Guest illustration I did for gehirnkäfer's RPG-Maker-game-fanbook unpixelated. >v<

Please do not reupload my art!


Dio | HC

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.